Student Testimonials

Shafiya Nawas

2nd Year Student Manipal University

ANC Medical Placements made the long journey to enroll for medicine pleasant by being efficient at getting the needful done promptly. Everyone is so very kind and patient. I had a lot of questions!! and each was answered with kindness and genuine interest.

Senuri Bandara

3rd Year Student Manipal University

As soon as I completed my AL's in the Bio Science stream, I was interested in perusing a career in Medicine. ANC which provides Internationally and locally accepted Medical education has helped me to select Belarus as my dream destination.

Every teenager's dream is for a fabulous future. "The best way to predict your future is to create it" says the great man; Abraham Lincoln. ANC Medical Placements paved the way for me to create my successful future. A friend introduced me to ANC MEDICAL PLACEMENTS. The hospitality seen among the staff made us feel so comfortable and we were able to converse with everyone with no stress. The assistance provided was extremely efficient and the guidance given helped my parents and myself to decide on which university to choose...

Vedushan Kanagarajah

2nd Year Student Manipal University

Naushad provided his complete support during the whole course of my admission and also accompanied all the students to the University. His amazing personality bought together 9 very nervous teenagers and I believe we have made a friend for life. Mr. Naushad Meedin – Manager (Malaysian Medical Universities).

Shenali Kumarasiri

2nd Year Student Manipal University

Medicine is the only profession that allows me to simultaneously help people while pushing my mental limits. It tests the limits of human compassion, memory, physical stamina, and resilience. And it is a nod back to the exact feelings I had as that five year old kid who wanted to become a doctor. My dream is now a reality, thanks to ANC Medical Placements.

It was just the right time when I found out about ANC MEDICAL PLACEMENTS through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and through friends. The counseling session they have on our first visit to get information on studying abroad turned out to be a good guideline and thus extremely helpful, as ,they take all our likes and dislikes into account...

The medical field has inspired me since childhood. Growing up with the passion to be a Doctor, I realized my connection to service- growing through the years. I grew up with belief in my passion and faith in my abilities to strive in the field. Having completed my Advanced Level Examinations, I and my parents decided to choose a Foreign Medical University to pursue my Medical Degree. Coming across ANC MEDICAL PLACEMENTS - the medical placement division of ANC, I & my parents approached the placement organization for assistance. They have been keen on guiding me from day one- from laying out options, choosing suitable universities, shortlisting and applying until all final processes were completed.

Since ANC Medical Placements is a reputed institution which had enrolled students for more than 15 years. Choosing ANC Medical Placements was a one big turning point in my life. I got to know about ANC Medical Placements through my friends who have already enrolled in different universities of the world. ANC Medical Placements helps you to choose the best universities of the world that fits your requirement and they provide accurate Information and guide you from the beginning to the end. The classes conducted was so helpful in facing the pre-test held at Belarus and they were supportive in sorting out our accommodation and other necessities. The friendly nature and quick responses of team ANC Medical Placements specially doctor harry Prasad made the difficult tasks easy. Choosing ANC Medical Placements is worth the cost.

All my life I have been looking forward to practice medicine. Since I was a kid I always wanted to be a superhero, and what better way to be a superhero than be a doctor. So once I was ending my school life I was searching for the perfect path and I found ANC Medical Placements. People there were so nice to me and they guided me through all my troubles and cleared all my doubts when I was in a blur. So I’m very thankful that I found ANC Medical Placements Study Medicine. They saved me a lot of money and I’m thankful for that because at that very hard moment in my life my dad was having trouble with money. So I owe a great debt to ANC Medical Placements. Once I came to Belarus I got good rooms as promised and I did not have any problems. So I’m happy that I was directed to ANC Medical Placements and I hope that it continues to help the future generations to come.

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