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Through the passion and commitment to our purpose, we have risen to be the point of reference not only among students but by other independent forums and remains to be the guiding source to the rest of the industry. Here is where you'll find a quick overview of what it's like to study abroad in a particular region, receive genuine reviews of programs and be directed with global perspective, thus enabling you to access a range of support services and facilities to ensure a smooth academic and emotional transition to being placed at the university most suited to you. ANC Medical Placements offers distinctive experiences and solutions, encouraging you to pursue your dream career and that is the determining factor.

The medical placement arm of ANC Education, ANC – Medical Placements with more than a decade of experience have grown to transform the perception as the most trusted medical placement institute in Sri Lanka for international university placements and overseas education. During the span of its existence, ANC Medical Placements has acted not only as a counsellor for medical placement in distinguished universities but evolved to be the local representative of the international medical education industry here in Sri Lanka.

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Our Services


University Admissions Advise


Health Inspections And Student Medical Insurance


University orientation and familiarization


Document translations and attestations


Airline Ticket Reservations


Airport Welcome And Transportation To Medical University


Student Accommodation In University Hostels And Apartments

Student monitoring

Student monitoring program – to provide immediate progress reports to parents / guardians


Visa advises and Visa processing – ANC Medical Placements will assist you with student Visa

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